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Background on 1115 Waiver

THOT Members have a strong commitment to innovation and healthcare transformation.  Our members serve as 11 of the state’s 20 1115 Waiver anchors for the Texas regional healthcare partnerships (RHP).


News Release

Texas Health and Human Services Commission 

Chris Traylor
Executive Commissioner

Date: May 2, 2016
Contact: Bryan Black, 512-424-6951

Big Win for Texas, HHSC Receives Extension for 1115 Waiver

AUSTIN – The Health and Human Services Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have agreed to extend a state and federal partnership that finds innovative ways to deliver healthcare.

The 1115 Waiver, which funds Uncompensated Care and the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP), was extended 15 months under an agreement between the health agency and CMS. The agreement will take the program through December 2017 and will maintain its current funding.

“We’re pleased these innovative programs will have the opportunity to continue,” HHS Executive Commissioner Chris Traylor said. “These programs are improving health care for Texas’ Medicaid clients and creating cost-savings for taxpayers.”

Over the next 15 months, HHSC and CMS, which oversees the Medicaid program, will continue negotiating a longer term extension.

DSRIP consists of local programs working to improve health care delivery costs and outcomes.

There are 1,451 DSRIP projects across 20 regions in the state. In each region a coalition of governments, hospitals and other providers are charged with coming up with novel solutions to containing health care costs while preserving access and quality. Most projects focus on increasing primary and preventative care, which not only improves outcomes, but saves money by reducing the need for expensive emergency room visits. The waiver program also helps hospitals with uncompensated care costs.

One program in Travis County trains paramedics to visit people who have frequent emergency room visits. The program has found some people can’t treat conditions such as diabetes because they don’t have a ride to pick up the materials. Helping prevent serious episodes is healthier and cheaper than an emergency room visit.

“One of the things I like best about these projects is they use the knowledge of the people on the ground to identify their problems,” Commissioner Traylor said. “Beaumont faces different issues than El Paso and the waiver program takes advantage of local expertise.”

The Uncompensated Care program and Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment programs are funded through a combination of federal and local money. Both Uncompensated Care and DSRIP contribute $3.1 billion a year, each.

Success Stories

There are strong success stories found across the state.  Please click below for a few of these stories:

University of Texas Medical Branch Story of Hope

Childress Regional Medical Center

Parkland Post-Partum Mental Health Initiative

Central Health: Austin Travis County Integral Care Mobile Crisis Outreach Team

Waiver Programs

Please click on the links below to learn more about the waiver programs, regional plans, successful projects, and more.

THOT members serving as anchors are listed in bold.

RHP 1, Anchor: UT Health Northeast, Website:

RHP 2, Anchor: University of Texas Medical Branch, Website:

RHP 3, Anchor: Harris Health System, Website:

RHP 4, Anchor: Nueces County Hospital District, Website:

RHP 5, Anchor: Hidalgo County, Website:

RHP 6, Anchor: University Health System, Website:

RHP 7, Anchor: Central Health, Website:

RHP 8, Anchor: Texas A&M Health Science Center, Website:

RHP 9, Anchor: Parkland Health and Hospital System, Website:

RHP 10, Anchor: JPS Health Network, Website:

RHP 11, Anchor: Palo Pinto General Hospital District, Website:

RHP 12, Anchor: UMC Health System in Lubbock, Website:

RHP 13, Anchor: McCulloch County Hospital District, Website:

RHP 14, Anchor: Medical Center Health System, Website:

RHP 15, Anchor: University Medical Center of El Paso, Website:

RHP 16, Anchor: Coryell County Memorial Hospital Authority, Website:

RHP 17, Anchor: Texas A&M Health Science Center, Website:

RHP 18, Anchor: Collin County, Website:

RHP 19, Anchor: Electra Memorial Hospital, Website:

RHP 20, Anchor: Webb County, Website:
Primary Contact Information for Anchors by Region

Click here for information about the 1115 Waiver from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.