340B Work Group

Solvaldi: Can it be reimbursed as a New Drug?

  • Question shared with HHSC for an additional review. 

Is 340B FFS pricing a minimum for HMO contracts?

  • HHSC reviewing

HHSC carve-in of FFS and MMC 2.6.17

  • HHSC does not intend at this time to require 340B providers to carve-in both FFS and managed care if they choose to participate in Mediciad. A 340B provider may choose to participate in either FFS or managed care, but if they do choose to participate in managed care, and offer 340B purchased drugs while participating in managed care, then they must be appropriately contracted, and submit claims appropriately to avoid duplicate discounts. 

Feb 14, 2017

State Plan Amendment for 340B Pricing

The federal AMP rule, part of the ACA, requires states to submit a State Plan Amendment on outpatient RX pricing. 

  • HHSC said the Texas SPA has been submitted and the state should hear from CMS soon. (2.7.2017)

340B Mega Guidance: has been pulled down by the administration from OMB back to HHS for review. It may be altered or may move forward without changes.

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