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THOT’s members are Texas’ principal safety net providers, providing more than one-third of total hospital uncompensated care in the state. Of the state’s 418 hospitals that receive funding through the 1115 Medicaid waiver, our members in 2021 provided more than 36% of hospital-reported uncompensated care, or more than $2.5 billion. This role gives THOT members a unique perspective on the needs of uninsured Texans and those covered by Medicaid – both growing populations.

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Parkland Health even before the Legislature passed 12 months coverage in 2023, Parkland provided 12 months post-partum coverage for moms enrolled in Medicaid, going beyond the state’s coverage of three months. For moms with ongoing health needs beyond 12 months, Parkland connects them to primary care providers in its primary care network. Parkland also provides any wraparound services these moms need but that aren’t covered. Parkland also partners and trains community-based organizations to screen for program eligibility and coordinates access to non-medical social services.

University Health’s Care Link helps make health care services for the uninsured available and affordable. Operational since 1997, Care Link’s goal is to help patients improve and maintain their health. Eligible individuals are those who are residents of Bexar County, are uninsured, and have incomes at or below 200% FPL. Care Link members have access to University Health providers, pharmacy services, health and wellness programs, blood donor program, discount programs, and support. Care Link has provided more than 460,000 low-income, uninsured residents access to medical care. The program averages 27,850 members each month and enrolls 100% of its members with a health care provider.

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Teaching Hospitals of Texas

Teaching Hospitals of Texas is the state’s principal voice and advocate for hospitals and health systems that teach, train, and mentor the next generation of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals and are united in their commitment to supporting policies and funding to ensure healthcare access for all Texans.

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