Dr. Kavita Bhavan, M.D., MHS, was named Press Ganey’s HX24 Physician of the Year earlier this month in recognition of her “exceptional leadership, compassionate and connected care.” The award was presented at the company’s HX24 Conference, where health care providers, administrators, and systems were recognized for their leadership and advancement of patient experience and safety.

“Dr. Bhavan exemplifies many of the qualities that make our health care workforce such a vital resource for Texas communities,” said Maureen Milligan, president and CEO, Teaching Hospitals of Texas. “Her dedication to not only providing excellent care for her patients, but also to delivering a fantastic care experience, is something every provider can aspire to.”

In addition to recognizing great leadership and compassion, the HX24 Physician of the Year Award honors physicians who actively improve patient experience and go above and beyond delivering great care to do so. Dr. Bhavan spearheaded Parkland Health’s “Annie’s Place” program, which provides short-term childcare for patients on campus at the hospital to address challenges patients with young children can face when accessing care.

“The resilience and hope I witness daily from our patients are deeply inspiring. Through our patient-centered approach, we empower and engage patients to own their care plans, fostering success and restoring dignity,” said Dr. Bhavan.

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