May 12-18 is National Hospital Week, an opportunity to recognize the foundational role our teaching and public hospitals have in delivering the most advanced care and educating future health care professionals.

Texas’ teaching and public hospitals not only serve their local communities, they support the state’s trauma system and future health care professionals and invest in innovative models of care that save health care dollars. Teaching Hospitals of Texas is proud be their association, advocating on their behalf to advance health care policy that supports a strong trauma system, clinical education, and timely, accessible care for all Texans.

“Hospital Week is an opportunity to recognize the unique role our teaching and public hospitals have in Texas’ health care system and acknowledge the physicians, nurses, allied health care professionals, and staffs of these institutions for their commitment to a healthy Texas,” said Maureen Milligan, Teaching Hospitals of Texas president/CEO.

For more than 100 years, National Hospital Week has celebrated the hospitals, health systems, and health care professionals whose care and dedication strengthens our communities.

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