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The chief nursing officer at UMC El Paso discusses their innovative nursing education programs, including “grow your own” and nurse residency.

UT Tyler clinical leaders discuss the crisis in the nurse workforce and the imperative to innovate in nursing education and invest in the workforce. They share details on their externship program to provide real-world education and training for nursing students.

Strategies to retain experienced nurses, including use of technology, new staffing models, psychologist support, telenursing.

Drs. Philley and Haas at UT Tyler discuss the critical training of nursing students that occurs at the bedside and the vital role of preceptors in that education and training.

Discusses the indispensable role of clinical preceptors and need for funding. 

Discusses the significance of clinical placement shortages for growing the nurse workforce as well as the model of grow your own programs and need for funding.

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