THOT Mission

Logo_websiteMission:  THOT is the principal voice and advocate for health systems that teach the next generation of health professionals and who are united in their commitment to support policies and funding that will ensure healthcare access to all Texans.

THOT members’ shared commitments include:

  • Supporting access to care for all in our communities, with a special focus on vulnerable populations;
  • Providing and coordinating essential community health services, such as trauma and disaster management;
  • Preparing for the future by training tomorrow’s healthcare providers and supporting health research and healthcare transformation.

THOT & Member Values:

  • We are committed to the people and the communities served by our members: to their health and to the best use of resources entrusted to us.
  • We are engaged in innovation and system transformation through active involvement in Texas healthcare programs and financing systems, including the waiver.
  • We are strongest when we collaborate and share our lessons and perspectives– within our membership; within our communities; and with our stakeholders and partners. We seek to capitalize on the knowledge, skills and diversity of our partners to create solutions, sharing best practices and engaging in collaborative learning.
  • We seek to make data and research a cornerstone of our advocacy efforts and decision-making and to proactively and creatively advocate for and address member needs.
  • We conduct our work consistent with our members’ values: respect for all; integrity; compassion; best use of scarce resources and a focus on individuals affected by our healthcare systems.
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