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As supplemental payments authorized under the Medicaid program, DSH and UC payments must be funded with both federal and non-federal funds. Federal funds are not available without submission of required non-federal funds. Teaching hospitals are often the taxing hospital districts that provide the non-federal share of funds to draw down the federal share of supplemental payments.

  • The non-federal share of Texas’ hospitals’ DSH payments is provided through inter-governmental transfer (IGT) of funds from public entities, typically taxing hospital districts. Five large public hospital systems, known as “transferring hospitals,” provide the required non-federal funds for both themselves and all private hospitals. All other public hospitals provide the non-federal share for themselves. Private hospitals do not provide any funds to support the non-federal share of DSH payments.
  • The non-federal share of Texas hospitals’ UC payments is provided through IGT of funds from public entities, typically taxing hospital districts, and local provider participation funds (LPPF).

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