Value Based Care


Ensure the Texas’ Medicaid System is prepared for Value Based Care THOT members share Texas’ goal of improving quality and cost in our healthcare system. Texas has an opportunity to improve the health of its beneficiaries and the value of the health care delivery system.

THOT supports:

  • Hospital and HMO rate setting methodologies that create incentives for providers to innovate and be rewarded for value based care.
  • Selecting valid measures for provider performance so providers caring for complex, low-income, or at-risk Texans aren’t penalized.
  • Using waiver DSRIP funding to support provider transformation to compete in value based care.
  • Accounting for a broader range of services, higher costs and complexity at tertiary and quaternary health systems. Supporting residents, providing highly specialized healthcare services, keeping level one trauma systems at the ready, and being prepared for disaster or public health events create costs that can lead to disadvantages in cost-based competition that fails to account for these public goods. Hospitals that serve the community shouldn’t be penalized for their mission.


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