Medicaid Financing

Support Financing to Ensure Hospital System Stabilization and Sustainability All Texas hospitals face increased risk with uncertain waiver funding and pending federal health care changes.  While no group of Medicaid hospitals are paid their Medicaid costs; the largest public hospitals in Texas received the lowest Medicaid payments, and the smallest share of costs covered. Reductions in waiver funding for THOT members will trigger negative margins; service reductions and/or increased pressure on property taxes. Health care services and other essential GME, Trauma, and public health services are at risk. 

THOT supports equitable, efficient targeting of scarce funds through:

  • Appropriating GR for rate increases and/or providing flexibility for industry-funded rate increases.
  • Targeting scarce funds to individual hospitals serving a disproportionate share of uninsured Texans and those on Medicaid.


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