THOT Members have one set shared mission based on three shared commitments:

  • Supporting access to care for all in our communities with a special focus on vulnerable populations
  • Providing and coordinating essential community health systems, such as trauma and disaster management
  • Preparing for the future by training tomorrow’s healthcare providers and supporting health research and healthcare transformation

THOT Members are Essential Hospitals – as defined in federal statute to be hospitals providing care for the most vulnerable and at least two of the following:

1. Training future healthcare leaders
2. Providing comprehensive, coordinated care
3. Providing specialized, life-saving services
4. Advancing public health

THOT Members do this and more through the following programs and services. Click on each to learn more:

Click here to learn more about the financing that supports all of this.

Legislative Initiatives

The 85th Texas Legislature is going to result in a busy session for the health care industry. Teaching Hospitals of Texas has been busy laying the groundwork to prepare for the lawmaking that is to come. Follow our main agenda items by clicking here.

Regulatory and Agency Hearings

Get a quick view of some of the regulatory and agency meetings going on in Austin. Click here.

Work Groups

THOT manages a number of key member work groups to obtain input and develop ideas and strategies on issues important to THOT members. Members click here.